Extreme Bucket List

A lofty bucket list. Both short term and long term.


  1. swim in the ocean
  2. make a sandcastle
  3. blog more
  4. smile at everybody
  5. listen to a friend
  6. invite people over
  7. be a great roommate
  8. seriously learn how to ride a bike
  9. finish painting 5 canvases
  10. paint at least 3 watercolor paintings
  11. add 30 photos to my photography instagram (currently at 391)
  12. go to yoga class at least twice
  13. go to the gym at least 7 times
  14. make dinner for friends at least 3 times
  15. be comfortable with yourself!
  16. go somewhere to just take pictures
  17. ride a rollercoaster


  1. go skydiving
  2. swim in the Mediterranean
  3. ride in a hot-air balloon
  4. grow my sorority family
  5. make A grades
  6. leadership positions in clubs I don’t currently hold one in
  7. ride a carousel with another person my age
  8. drive/ride in a convertible with a cherished friend
  9. go to Greece
  10. go to Italy
  11. learn how to play a repertoire of songs on the piano
  12. find love
  13. keep love
  14. own a house
  15. raise a family

One thought on “Extreme Bucket List

  1. Update on 2016: I wrote this in April 2016, let’s see what I accomplished since then.
    3. I blogged some, but not consistently or frequently, so I still have to work on that. There is a huge lull from the time college started back up in August.
    4. Yes! I’m doing better on this at least.
    5. I’m so fortunate to have been able to make new friends and be there for them in times of need and distress. I am much more patient this year and I’ve been able to take time to really connect with people. I am discovering that I love people! I genuinely enjoy making those connections and friendships. It’s very exciting and enriching.
    7. This year in my apartment with my roommates has been much better. Everybody is pulling their own weight and we work well together as a team. I like the environment I’m in right now. Thank goodness!
    8. Nope. Still have not ridden a bike yet.
    9. Ha. Only 2 canvases have been painted. Both for my little that I got this semester in my sorority!
    11. I have 427 posts! I did it! Just 2 more and I actually will have added 30 posts like my goal, and that should be easy before the end of the year!
    12 & 13. Have not done anything structured for exercise and personal wellness. However, I have played in various intramural sports, so I guess not terrible.
    14. Lol, they’re still waiting for a meal.
    15. I’m making great strides in this area, but there is always more internally that I can come to terms with and improve upon. However, for outer beauty, I’m pretty much comfortable with myself as I can be. That’s a really good feeling to have and rare when you’re an adolescent girl in America these days.

    So far so good 2016 bucket list!
    Now if only we can keep up the trend. It feels much better to be out of my sophomore slump. 🙂


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