Goals for Now


My New Year’s Resolutions annual blog post. This year, I want to take a step away from the NYR cliché, so I titled this my Goals for Now. I want to focus on short-term goals, because I believe they will be more achievable and focus my efforts.

This year, I want to:

  • Get in shape
  • Censor my language better
  • Focus on myself and my schoolwork
  • Connect with old friends and continue socializing

By listing these goals for you to see, this holds me accountable and gives me a clear vision for how I want to incorporate these resolutions into my everyday life.

To get in shape, I want to make myself attend jazzercise classes, or walk more to class, or go to the gym. I want to go on jogs, or do exercises in my room, or demonstrate to myself somehow that I care what happens with the muscles and fat in my body. Knowing that your physicality does not define who you are, does not diminish the fact that the way you take care of yourself does say something about your values and priorities. I want to make myself a priority. Getting in shape is a good way to do that, and I know it will make me feel better both physically and therefore mentally. A healthy body leads to a healthy life and elevates all aspects of your self. Hopefully I can find workout buddies and keep to it this year! Must get ready for the beach yeah!

Okay, so when I first came to college three years ago, I was the most innocent, naive, well-mannered, and well-spoken girl possible. I was courageous and sharp and honestly in a really good place. I have come a long way since then in amazing ways and grown out of my shell and become really social. It’s been a great ride. However, since then I have also been around the atmosphere of casual cursing and profane talk. It has definitely influenced me negatively, and I regret that. In daily language I don’t think twice anymore about using profane words and expletives that are frankly unladylike. I don’t like speaking this way and resorting to that language when I know I can be more mature and professional than that. So one of my new year’s goals/resolutions is to watch my mouth and swear less. I want to use the proper and civil vocabulary I know I am capable of. Swear words are beneath me and I don’t want to continue to allow my standards to be lowered because of bad habits.

Focusing on myself and my schoolwork consists of taking the time to sit down and actually do work I don’t want to do to the best of my ability and focusing on my priorities. Instead of putting off assignments until the last minute or only putting in halfhearted effort, I want to give my GPA my 100%. I want to raise my GPA from the 3.76 it is currently to hopefully a 3.8 or above. This number is too low for my satisfaction and putting hard work into assignments, projects, reading, and other homework will fix that. I hope that by being in less clubs this semester as opposed to last semester that I will be able to do much better in school. Clubs and extracurriculars are great, but when they drain your energy and focus from the number one important thing school, then they are a detriment to your educational experience. Focusing with passion on fewer interests will lead me to my goals more successfully. That is something I learned last semester and the semester before that when I almost got burnt out. Doing better with priorities and task management will prepare me for a better future.

Connecting again with friends who mean the world to me will reinvigorate me spiritually. Friendship is one of the noblest tenets of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and every facet of life. One cannot live a full life without true friends. That is why my time and efforts with my friends are going to be a priority for me this semester. With more free time now, I want some of that to be dedicated to the friends who have been there for me since the beginning as well as newer friends. Incorporating the friends outside my core group of friends that I already do everything with gives me diversity and reminds me of all the things I can be. It is the highest privilege to have the friends that I do. They are amazing. My sorority sisters are some of the most amazing women and leaders who have overcome so much and come so far. I am truly proud and want nothing but to celebrate that and be someone that they know they can trust to be there for them and push them even higher. I cannot wait to spend more time with the people who dazzle and enhance my life.

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul”
– Proverbs 27:9

So those are my New Year’s Resolutions, my goals for right now. I expect the timeline for achieving these will just be this semester. I plan to make new ones for the summer and the fall semester. Going into this year, I also don’t want to be bitter, and I want to leave negativity behind me. This includes not stooping to the level of political arguments, but only putting in a word when I feel it is necessary. That means being True, Kind, Fair, and Beneficial to All. I saw those guidelines on a Rotary Club stitched banner in a community venue in a small town I was visiting for my architecture community studio class. It resonated with me and I want to bring that mindset of Kindness into 2017 with me.

Goals are GREAT and I look forward to working on them. What are your goals and how are you working towards them? Have a great new year!

One thought on “Goals for Now

  1. Update on my goal progress, 3 months later: Hello, it’s April. Wow how time flies, especially when you are a junior in college in a demanding major and involved in all the things I am in. I would like to say that I am feeling near satisfied with how most of my valuable friendships are being maintained. I see all of my friends frequently enough to make me happy and keep up the friendship. There are however, always the exceptions where one or both of you are just too busy, but you understand and wish for the best for the other person anyway. I have a couple of those, but whenever we do hang out, it’s like nothing has changed between us, except we miss each other so much. This was probably my most important and meaningful goal for me, so that’s why I addressed it first; I was most excited about my friendships.

    Getting in shape did not happen. HA HA. No, I did not have time for that this semester, regrettably. But I’m not too worried. I feel that when I go abroad, I will have plenty of opportunity to eat healthy and keep fit by walking a lot everywhere. I am not dwelling on this, even though I am kind of disappointed I was not able to work on something so intrinsically important.

    Censoring my language has been rocky. Not too much progress there either, but I am still working on it. Some of the things I say these days, I really just question. I say the weirdest stuff, either profane or a replacement for the profane. It’s lame, but it’s okay. That’s just the way it is now, I’m working on it.

    Lastly, schoolwork. Ahh the dreaded workload of a third year architecture student schedule, including the roller coaster that is community studio. By not having projects and deadlines scheduled in a way that promoted useful and helpful learning, we have been lulled into a false sense of calm, and then jumpstarted into action mere days before a new deadline, repeatedly. This is burning us all out and is a detriment to our creative process. It is never a stable sense of urgency or progression in my opinion. So it has been hard to make strides in this aspect of my life. Being able to focus on multiple things with good attention and inspiration is just not possible this semester. I am not succeeding in this area, so I am sorry about that.

    So there’s my update! Looking back, there’s not that much big progress our outstanding achievements, but I am okay with that. Small steps are always necessary. I will keep on keeping on.


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