Playing the Game of Thrones

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

Said by Queen Cersei to Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark, they were some intense words from a very intimidating lady. So I’ve started to become engrossed in the Song of Ice and Fire book series and Game of Thrones television show. I am now a huge fan of the Starks, Daenerys Targaryen, and Tyrion Lannister. Don’t judge me yet, I’m only on the second book and the first season still! However, it is interesting to me how much of a popular phenomenon it is and YET I didn’t get into it until now, when the last season is due to be ended and the last books are still not written. It’s fascinating to me how a society can be so obsessed with something but not everyone is even caught up with it or even cares to the same degree that some people do. Thus, the even more amazing phenomenon of “fandoms.” I am a “fanatic” of quite a few things, Harry Potter being my first and forever fandom craze. Game of Thrones is quickly proving to be very worthy of my time and passion though, so I’m excited that it’s such a long-running and in-depth series! Here’s to that crazy Mr. Martin and the people who decided to create an awesome tv show based on his books! Winter is coming (winter is already here).

One thought on “Playing the Game of Thrones

  1. Did anyone watch the season 8 premiere on Sunday? I didn’t, but I look forward to the time, far from now when I can. I saw a lot of content online about it and it looks so good!


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