Aristotle: The Unmoved Mover

Painting of Greek philosophers

Here is an excerpt of an essay I wrote in my high school philosophy class, and something which I still agree with today. Aristotle believed in the unmoved mover theory. He thought that the Unmoved Mover is not really a being, but more a way of explaining the fact of motion. He believed the Unmoved … Continue reading Aristotle: The Unmoved Mover

Goals for Now


My New Year's Resolutions annual blog post. This year, I want to take a step away from the NYR cliché, so I titled this my Goals for Now. I want to focus on short-term goals, because I believe they will be more achievable and focus my efforts.

Life After an Accident

The school year went out with a bang, a literal crash bang. I was in a serious car accident. Now I am rethinking my priorities, my life, my things, how I am connecting with people, what I should be doing better, my health, and my family and friends. I am so lucky to be alive, and I want to make sure that I am actually making the best of my life and being the best person I can be with the right priorities.